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committed to helping those in need

ZION Recovery Services maintains a treatment environment which welcomes and enhances the safety and positive self image of patients while preserving their dignity. All persons will be approached with respect and communicated within a manner of courtesy and respect. Priority is given to protecting the rights of all individuals seeking substance use disorder treatment throughout the organizations. 

Our Mission

To explore, develop, and sustain healthier lifestyle choices by working with individuals, families, and communities affected by behavioral health issues.

Our Philosophy

Zion Recovery Services is a person centered organization that instills vital life skills in those we serve by maximizing the ability to develop and maintain healthy alternatives through prevention and treatment services. We strive to provide services designed to empower those we serve by utilizing a recovery oriented system of care that allows us to implement proven standards and practices designed to enrich individual wellbeing. We value collaboration and partnerships that allow us to effectively meet the needs of those we serve.

Our Values

Zion Recovery Services embraces values of respect, honesty, and integrity in interacting with customers and community. We present a welcoming, safe, and confidential environment while protecting dignity and safeguarding confidentiality. The organization is invested in commitment to staff development, professionalism and meeting the needs of our customers.

offering hope & comfort

ZION Recovery Services’ program focuses on patient centered programming, empowering the individual in their personal recovery efforts initiated by joint development of achievable goals.  

“It’s hard to thank someone for giving you your life back.”

Helping people overcome their struggles and addictions is what we do. Our validation comes from the people we’ve helped.

“There are many things that I have learned and use on a day to day basis. I am glad this place is here because I was ready to make a change and ZION was here to help me through the process.”

“I feel like the staff truely care about each and every person here and I thank them for that.”

“When I first came here I was very skeptical. As I got to know my counselor and others in my group it became fun, like you had a second family.”

“This facility has been great. Very flexable and understanding. Keep it up!”

“I have received so much help here, my life is clearer and I am a better person. Thanks.”

“I love this place, peers and staff will be missed but I will be back for groups and meetings.”

“The staff was outstanding, helpful and courteous. I will miss them all.”

“I thank you guys for your time and effort to help me get back on the right track in life.”

Zion Recovery Services Substance Use Disorder Program

directors & officers

    STEVE RATCLIFF Montgomery County Supervisor

    Vice-Chairman of the governing body.

      MARK WEDEMYER Cass County Supervisor

      Chairman of the governing body.

        TERRY GRAHAM Fremont County Supervisor
          MATT WEDEMYER Adair County Supervisor
          • BRAD GOLIGHTLY
            BRAD GOLIGHTLY Dallas County Supervisor
            • LAURIE COOLEY
              LAURIE COOLEY Program Director
              • Chuck Morris
                Chuck Morris Page County Supervisor

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